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Full Version: My First Theme Ever....
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Tell me how it looks ?

Live Demo:

Tell me any bugs you find,m and if it goes over good ill fix the bugs and errors and make it public.
websites down?
Sites down from here as well
Yea AXVIs got hacked by craizer apperently. I am restoring site as we speqak
The theme doesn't look too relavent... what happened to the old one?
What old one. There wasnt a old one on GadgetForums
it is ok, however the visuals could use some major work. Your contrasting the bright colors with the dark. Makes it kinda hard on the eyes.

Here are a few things that i dont like.
1. The bright contrast of colors
2. Making font size bigger on hover
3. No panel border or color.

Also i would change the code and quote boxes to a bit darker shade of gray or black. The white really hurt the eyes.

All in all, it is a good theme for your first one, however make some adjustments and we'll see how it go's.
Ill make the adjustments when I get the site fully working again. I think its good now.
Yes really it will work fine as you had indulge you full efforts into it, and now it started looks nice and attractive. But still i think you should have to work a little on its looks