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Full Version: Please upgrade me
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Hello dear admin and support staff,

I have paid today for becoming a Subscriber in mybbcentral. I sent the payment via Alertpay.

I have Pmed the admin with all the transaction details of my payment.

Please verify my payment and upgrade me as soon as possible.

Thankyou and happy new year. Smile
It takes a bit to upgrade. It took me around a day to update.
Yeah, it's turn to wait... Patience is the only thing I can tell you. I got updated 1 hour later of my payment.
And isnt this in the wrong section, or am I not used to questions in the announcement forum.
Many people (including me xD) post here to communicate about their payment.
But I realized that it isn't necesary cuz, later or sonner, you get updated.
Yea. I just PMed Jesse...Labrocca and he did it when he could. Posting a forum wont make it come faster.
Anyways i saw many members posting here in this forum"News and anouncements" regarding upgrading so i just followed them Big Grin
Thanks Jesse for upgrading me. Smile
Congrats on the sub. Hope to see how your site turns out Smile