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Full Version: Extreme Noob Question
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I am new with mybb well, been using it for 6 months now but I am new to it comapred to some other users on the forum Tongue

Anyways, I googled around looking for this but how do i update mybb? Do i just download the newest, and overwrite it with the old? Will that ruin anything on my forum? Please give me a bit of advice. I think everything is stored in SQL folders but what about images etc?? Will it also affect my content? Please give me some advice/help. Thank-you all.

&happy new years !

There you go my good sir Big Grin

By the way if you upload all the files you will only overwrite the needed files. So your Plugin files and such should still be there.

If there is anything you don't understand from it. Send me a PM and i can help
Thank-you and do I have to deactivate all plugins? So 1 by 1 I must deactivate all plugins? Will it affect anything such as when I deactivate the MYPS plugin? Will it delete all the MYPS points? The process for preparing is as stated:

First, obtain MyBB.
Second, shut down your forum. Doing this means no one will interrupt the upgrade process accidentally. You can do this by going to "Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > Board Online / Offline" and changing "Board Closed" to "Yes" (you may also wish to specify why it has been closed). Alternatively, you may choose to make a .htaccess restriction on your MyBB folder so that no one can access the Front End.
Next, deactivate all Plugins.
Finally, back up your files and database! With all upgrades, you should back up your files and database just in case something goes wrong, so you can restore the backup if need be. You can back up your database using the MyBB Admin CP, phpMyAdmin, or other MySQL database administration software (Database_Backup); you can back up your files by downloading them from the server via FTP.

Also, do you guys really go through all of the steps stated? Or is there a shortcut to this? And do I have to do the same steps every upgrade?

If upgrading to 1.4 or higher, skip steps #1 and #4. For more information on why you can do this, see below.
If upgrading to 1.4 or higher, this step is no longer needed. Please proceed to the next step. Open your FTP and navigate to the forums inc/ folder. Download the following files to somewhere safe as you will need to re-upload them later!
Upload ALL of the files and folders in the "Upload" folder including the install folder, overwriting the existing copies (this contains the upgrade files also) to your forums root directory.
For major version upgrades (such as 1.2.x to 1.4.x) you will need to find updated versions of any additional non-English language packs you are using. It is recommended that you either upload new versions of the language packs, or remove the existing packs from the server.
If upgrading to 1.4 or higher, this step is no longer needed. Please proceed to the next step. With your FTP client, navigate to the inc/ folder and replace the following files with the ones you previously downloaded in the first step of this section
CHMOD the following. CHMOD files to 666 (or 777, whatever suits your server) and directories to 777:
./inc/languages (1.2 and later)
./admin/backups (1.2 and later)
./cache (1.4 and later)
./cache/themes (1.4 and later)
Go to
You will see a drop down list asking what version of MyBB you're upgrading from. Be sure you select the correct version you are currently using or else the upgrade will not work correctly or completely!
Run the upgrade script, making sure you follow all instructions carefully.
After the upgrade is complete, check that a file called "lock" was created the install folder. If it is missing create it yourself or delete the "install" folder from your server. For extra protection, CHMOD ./inc/config.php to 755.
Go to your forum homepage and make sure everything is working as it should and no evident errors in both the forum and Admin Panel exist.
You may now wish to re-open your forum. You can do this by going to "Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > Board Online / Offline" and changing "Board Closed" to "No". If you wish to adjust the theme and templates of the forum before opening it, that is also fine!
Yes you will have to deactivate all plug ins. No you will not loose any data. Well I didn't loose any data when I upgraded.
Do not deactivate your plugins.