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Full Version: template stuffing up my plugins
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when ever i put in a new theme on my forum after i set it to default i cant see any of my plugins on the forum non of them meaning there not showing up like if i got a points based one it wont show or my ad plugins wont show either why is this?
Many plugins don't install in the new themes (i mean, the plugins don't work in themes that were installed after the plugin installation).
So, you just have to disable (or unistall, in some cases) all plugins that don't work and re-enable them Wink
You'll see as they get back to work fine
i did that with one and it worked but i did it with another one and it didnt
If another one didn't work, I bet that is because it is installed (it's using tables in DB) in your DB, and you'd need to uninstall it (REMEMBER that if you uninstall any plugin, all settings and other stuff of the plugin that are installed in the DB, they will be erased).
Once you did that, just re-install the plugin and I'm sure they will be to work.
i unistalled one and it didnt work when i reinstalled
That means the template didn't get modified even you reinstall the plugin so... i think you will need to edit the template manually.
But it's weird. Maybe those plugins that don't work are a old versions and may you find new versions of them.
It's all that i can help you Wink
When plugins are installed they add themselves to the php files I believe. So an edit of them, or just reinstalling/reactivating them should do the trick Smile