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Full Version: Formatting options not visible. How to activate...?
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I'm not seeing formatting options like the ones i see while making this thread in my forum.... Any idea why this is happening...?

My forum:
[Image: EMafia.jpg]

This forum:
[Image: MyBBCentral.jpg]

See the difference...?
Help me solve this please.
Disregard the above post.
I'm starting to believe in miracles. It just appeared... But is there really any setting to change this...
In the userCP, click "Edit Options".
There you will see an option "Show the MyCode formatting options on the posting pages".
There's a setting in the ACP and your User CP Options, but it won't show if the javascript isn't in the templates or it fails to load or w/e.
Ok, i'll try editing that option and see if corrects...

The problem reappeared on my attempt to make a new thread.

That is activated already...
Please help. How to rectify this issue..?