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Full Version: User Posts Dont Match Stars/ Unknown location
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So this has been going on for like 3days
so what it is like ever user no matter where they are it says "Unknown loaction"
[Image: 234.jpg]

And the other error
So basicly the stars done represent the usergroup
In the picture the user should have 3stars but instead he has 1
[Image: 123.jpg]

The plugins i have installed
Spoiler MyCode (1.1)
Hides text in a [spoiler] code.
Created by DeluxeGamer
PM On Registration (1.2.0)
Automatically send a private message to newly registered users. For MyBB 1.4.x
Created by DennisTT
Online Today (1.1)
Shows you who has been online in the last 24 Hours
Created by Samuel
MyShoutbox (1.3)
A powerful AJAX shoutbox for MyBB.
Created by Pirata Nervo
MyMood (1.0 Beta)
This will show user mood for current day.
Created by Hamid Nozari & jnd52
Guests see no posts. (1.0)
It will allow you to hide the contents of posts from guests.
Created by babjusi

Feel free to help out anyone!
The answer is at the top of the support forum on the MyBB community forums.
Ya i already check that
and did what it said but still messed up
Then get your host to actually fix the problem, that fix is a workaround for them having an older version of something.