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Full Version: Mybb is not working pls HELP
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i want to start new form but my start is not good. i have installed it. they can easily register( instant activation type) but the probllem is user can make ID but they could not able to login. if they try to login it is showing messages as login successful still it is saying GUEST as user. i tried a lot to soleve as i dont have good experiance on PHP. i came to here. guys pls help me.

this is my forum click here

pls reply me.

i hope u would help admin
You've set the cookies correct ?

Read ::
Yes sounds like a cookie issue.
OK, my admn was having the same problem, nad my cookies were incorrect, so I fixed them. Now I can't log in Sad

And I can;t log in at Lex's forum cause of the same problem
Try changing your cookie settings to this:

Cookie Domain:

Cookie Path: /forums/