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Full Version: Template changes
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Every time i make a change to a template since upgrade it throws errors???Here is a text files of the errors!!

When i turn off game room plug in now all i get is this error at the top.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NS_SEPARATOR, expecting T_STRING in /home/telitec/public_html/mybb/global.php(326) : eval()'d code on line 3
are you editing correctly and making the correct tag changes.
Yes have never had an issue prior to this problem.All i added in is

Disable codepress if it's on in the ACP Preferences, on the Home page.
I disabled same errors though.
Ok with help from mybb i got fixed i am posting this not to bitch but so someone else may have same issue!!Here is what they told me to do.
Have you turned off magic quotes??I asked host and they turned off reverted the templates and all is fixed!!Oh and also codepress was on but turning off didnt solve the issue till i did this.Thanks for the help.