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I am selling my domain

It can be used perfectly for clans of many games. Selling for $20 OBO ! I am negotiable.

Its good for life no more payment on it.

MSN/Email - [email protected]
Why don't you sell your new site Wink
i just bough a total of 20 sites yesterday lmao....

If i had the extra money i would buy that one.

(no you cant know the sites i bought, and no they are not going to licensed to of yet Wink
What's the point in buying sites? Most of them are just unprofitable.
you make them better, make them more popular, than you can sell them for thousands of dollars.

However i am using them for a diff reason Tongue
Ha please dont spam my thread. Lol could use it as bumps. And this domain wont run out, its lifetime.
i'll buy it next week.
Yeap....who was the domain bought from?

thats what my partner told me.
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