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Full Version: (SOLVED)Problem with Plugins Page
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Me and NzB started a warez forum:

When we try to access Plugins page in Admin Cp its show this:

Where is the problem?
Sounds like its something wrong with either your firefox but then again you both get the problem :\
-highly unlikely...

Try deleting everything and starting again Smile
No way.

Any one have some other suggestion?
Could ask on the other mybb forum...
Google it xD
soemthing in one of your plugins is not the correct format.

This si what the message is telling you.

Delete some of the plugins before this started to happen. Make sure there are no other files in the plugins directory besides .php files.
O.o I never watched for that! I didn't know the error you show us... it's obvious that the problem is firefox (so weird)... try with another browser...
And if it still keeps, try to unable all of your plugins... if it doesn't still work... just delete some of them
Go into inc > config.php and turn off gzip compression, if you have it on. Only thing I can think of tbh Tongue
Delete the last plugin you uploaded before this happend.
(Jan 13, 2010, 04:56 AM)Joshua Mayer Wrote: [ -> ]Delete the last plugin you uploaded before this happend.
We deleted it but we have same problem. What else to do?
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