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Full Version: Don't Worry Done Now Thanks!
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Can someone do me a favor please.
I need
[Image: postbit_thx.gif]
And This:
[Image: postbit_rthx.gif]

Too Look Like This:
[Image: postbit_report.gif]

Can anyone re make them for me?

Thank you
Do you know what font is used.
Not sure its from the theme by labrocca
How's this, if you like it i will do a no thanks one.

Edit: this one is better, font nearly exactly the same.
Thanks Smile
Do you need a no-thanks or a del-thanks.
If you don't mind can you do a "del thanks" one too?
Cheers (Y)
Yea i need a del thanks one too

Can i have a bigger button as i cant download the theme.
Lol don't know why i didn't think about that.

Anyways here you go.
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