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Full Version: I wont be active for about a week
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Took it like a champ

Is that really you? lol
Yea lol im not a fighter.
By this time i had box 3 times and goten rocked evertime
Your not a fighter lolol. LMFAO. Yea we saw that lol.
Man why the hell would you post crap like that?
Seriously it makes you look like a tool.
Perhaps the worst fight i have ever seen.
On both sides i might add!!
Damn nice sig 88power88

Did it ever cross your mind to ask me before you stole it from me?
Lool i am planing on changing it soon just using that for a lil while soz
Well take it down please.
You did not ask therefor i dont give you permission to steal my work.
Are you a jack ass by heart?

Also sorry to hear that you got a concussion....quite bloody sucks. Maybe you wont be doing that again anytime soon?
Lol next time ill have head gear. They bought some after they heard I got a concussion. And by this figfht I had fought 4 times and gotten rocked all but once out of those. So i was a bit dazed by this time.