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Full Version: Firefox won't view forum keep getting pop up?
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I seem to have an issue that's only just started that firefox won't allow me to view my forum IE works fine

When i go the index page ( main page) i get this pop up message

[Image: 35bbd463684962.gif]

I've tried to clean my cookies out but it's the same problem any ideas please?

Maybe it's firefox relevant or check your settings inside your host Wink
Where do you host your forum?
And send me the url of your site so i can see what i get from it...
Does it happen with all pages? Try going to your members page and copy and pasting the link into firefox. Do you get the same message?

Also, from my experience, its more than likely because of their browser settings think that they need to download the .php page.
This could be related to the headers your host sends.

There is a setting for headers...try and see if that makes a difference.