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Full Version: [2nd Forum] VBLeet.Com - Need Review!
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Hi there, I need you guys review about my forum.

[Image: logoay.png]

The site is about visual basic programming. Both VB.Net or VB6. I need your feedback.

Rate it 0-10 Big Grin


I like it but. I think that it deserves another theme. It should be lighter in my opinion..
I agree with Mindfreak, Leet Green a great theme as it is, is overused now. So you might want to change your theme to a custom made one. I think a nice light color would be great with the vb theme.
Thanks for the feedbacks guys! I really appreciate it
Site's been down several times when i've tried to view it :\
58 members your starting off good Smile
68 Now Big Grin Getting better
Fail! 404 Not Found
(Feb 01, 2010, 01:56 AM)88power88 Wrote: [ -> ]Fail! 404 Not Found

Now with new theme Big Grin
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