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Full Version: Forum become messy
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I have a forum whenever i try to change the order of subforum in any forum to 2. forum become messy. i have subforums in coloum installed.

pls help me whatshould i do.
I dont get what you mean.
as i change the order of any subforum to 2. subforum does not appear in coloum.
what change should i do in subforum coloum pls help me out
Upload an image of the forums in admin cp.
what do u mean
When you try to change the order, upload a screen shot of that.
I have subforum in column mod installed. but i cant change the order of subforums. when i change the order subforum wont show in column. and subforum order automatically change to order 1.
thats the problem do u know how to fix it.
pls some one help pls.
You have over 145 forums but only 2000 posts from 26 members. Ever thought you might have too many forums?
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