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Full Version: Quick Help "first post"
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Hi fellow members,

I have just installed mybb and playing around with hacks n tweaks. What i would is to have a block of html on the first post of every thread.

Currently I am using condition tag

<if (($postcounter - 1) % $mybb->settings['postsperpage'] == 0) then>

It works fine except that fact that it also shows when a post preview page as well.
Any help will be appreciated .

Also on a side note wonder when my account will be upgraded.Its already been paid

best regards,
Seems like a "Quiet Place" . Also no idea when my account will be upgraded ... Its been quite a while I have paid.
Was really looking for some quick little help ..

Thanks anyway

Also, you will be good and upgraded when Omni checks his pending subscriptions, etc I suspect.
who is omni ? I would assume he is the owner of this site. Wonder why he does not have any staffs/mod or someone who could atleast provide access to the download section within few hours of payment been made if not instantly.

Am i missing something ?
Aah, sorry, should have said "Labrocca" lol. Force of habit :S

Anyway, you will be good and upgraded when Labrocca get's to it. It's not instant for anybody.
Theres a plugin called ad after post or something like that its on the official mybb site google is your answer Wink