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Full Version: Moderator in column
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Is there a mod or plugin that would allow me to list my moderators in a separate column next to the last post?

There are some themes that include that function.
When you see forumdisplay.php you can see below, 3 columns with several info, between them, you can find one that it's like you want... but i dont think you can find a plugin for that. In any case, you can do it with a simple edit in your template.
But you want it in showthread, don't you?
I want it in showthread and on the forum index.
In the forum index? do you mean below of every forum/subforum?
There's a option for that.
Go to Configuration -> Forum Home Options -> Forums' Moderator Listing (enable it if you have it disabled)
I want it listed in a separate column after the last posts column. Actually I believe that VBulletin has the option where you can list the moderators in a separate column on the index page and forum view.
For that, you must modify your theme, no plugin needed. Though it's possible do it with a plugin, i think it isn't necesary a plugin for that..
ok, thank you for the info.
I have made that plugin/mod for older mybb in past.
I can remake my plugin/mod again for classic moderator column when I have time.