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Full Version: Security-shell
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It's a original hacking forum.

The design is being designed right now by labrocca.
I had to lol @ the command prompt window in the logo;
[Image: logo.gif]
How gay.
Ahh thats the forum you asked to advertise on my forum Smile
Nice forum, already a member
so your gaying at omni's work?
(Jan 25, 2010, 10:27 PM)onebot Wrote: [ -> ]so your gaying at omni's work?

Don't be such a suck-up.

That being said the theme is looking great.
I'm not being a suck up, I am askign a question and this is none of your buissniess.
OneBot,This is an open forum its everyone's business. Wink
The background is off topic IMO
I like the background.. I usually don't like dark themes (too straining for the eyes if you spend a lot of time on the forum imo), but the colors used here are perfect... Still good readable...
You can't post more than 7 digits, You can't post in the suggestions section so its pointless :|
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