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Full Version: Can I request something like this?
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I have an idea of a plugin so I'm gonna try requesting it here.

Let's say I made a thread which need feedback from forum members or a site news which need my members to be aware of (we all know that not many members who read news and rules).

So, with that being said, I need something some sort of popup which I can configure. Configuration includes:

redirect new user first time login to a page? [enable/disable]
[yes][enter thread/page url]

show popup notification [enable/disable]
What page do you want to notify through popup? (can use for showing newest site news or thread which need user contribution)
[enter thread/page url here] (will show on that popup as link
[enter anchor text for your link above] (as the link name)
[enter description of your popup (content)] (popup content)
[choose groups you want to show this popup][all/staff/mods/donators/etc]

perhaps you can built this popup to use ajax or lightbox so every browser should be able to support it.

I don't know if something like this has been developed before. If it was then please help me by telling where could I get it.

Thank you.
I have no plans to make this.