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Full Version: User Created groups.
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I've requested this a couple of other places... never really got anywhere.

I would like to see a mod, that allowed members to create there own groups (no name format change or anything) and other members could join other member created groups unless the member that made the group made it invitation only. And in the profile it could say what groups they are part of, or how many they are a part of.

Um I know VB has this I'll find it and link it so you can see.

The other sites I suggested this on, every one thought it was a good idea.

And I really think it would be a good idea.
I like this idea. They could have the ability to create a group image and it would all have to be approved by a mod / admin before being created.
I also like this idea for e.g. clans - then we as administrators can accept or decline and add group images and change back end settings.
I'd prefer to see MyBB beef up the control options for current groups.
AAAAWWW. xP This meaning... you're not going to do this? Or if you do it'll be on your lesser priority list?