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Full Version: Touch Of Designs
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Here is a new site i opened, its a designers community. Still working on some stuff. But here it is:
I dont like the design so much... you should improve it.. i see it too simple. Though i like simple themes, but your forum needs something more... and mainly, you should make your banner (or logo, like you want to call it xD) of the same size like the wide of the forum (i dunno if u can understand me)
Ye i understand ill start making a new one soon Smile
New skin bump Big Grin
Oh, even though the structure is the same, i like now the new combination between colours and degradetions. Totally cool. need something to match ur logo....its very nice (logo)....

I am thinking yo should make something a bit more fluid and rounded...also ark and blue green to match your colors.

I like the homepage best, although you could add a bit more style to it such as a nice nag button set-up or an ajax or flash intro or something to spice it up...very nice tho.
Hehe thanks but i put up a new logo to and a new splash i dont know if your talking about the old one or new one o.o