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Full Version: Unfair-Gamers (Need review/Sugestions)
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[Image: footer_ug.png]

I'm now using a new theme thai I customized (Novus Cardinal...)
What do you think about it? Please write some opinions/reviews on theme and forum in general Tongue


Thankyou for any reviews/suggestions!
You needed to keep the Images By on the footer.
Uhm... Sorry I don't understand what do you mean... ç_ç
At the bottom were the licence is the should be an extra link.
Ah.. ok... I will add it again, probably I forgot a row...
What plugin did you use for the Last Post bar at the top.

I had to install it manually and do a lot of changes...
Its not coming up in the plugin list.
Stange...But i have installed it manually... It don't works the auto install ^^