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Full Version: User integration phpchess
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Hello.. I just signed up (and subscribed) and why not do a request/suggestion as a first post lol.

I would love to be able to have multiplayer chess on my forum, but i can't get it to work (sql/php noob Big Grin)

There is a phpbb2 tutorial for userintegration here :

Maybe you can port it to MyBB?
That'd be cool. Kinda like a, PHP arcade?
Well not really an arcade. It allows people to play chess against eachother.

People can play a fast game or 1 or more moves a day..

Idk if this can really be integrated in the actual mybb code for direct play, but maybe with a little playing im sure i could possible work something out with scores and what not.

I'll get back to you....if i dont get something in a week, ima say fuck it till im not pissed lmao.
Well i guess if it can use the users from phpbb it should be possible to make it use the users of mybb. As far as i can see it, the chess software is coded to make that easier. (see 2nd link)

I am just too much of a noob still to make it work..

Userintegration is what i want most. Scores should be easy to pull from database and eval them into template... But i don't want my users to have to double register..

I don't mind editing core files...

Hope you are able to cook something up!