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Full Version: dotrb - tuts, snippets and software
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[Image: dotrb.png]

What is dotrb?
dotrb Is a website for people who are curious about learning to code, script and program. I started it as I got more and more into the Programming language, Ruby. It started out as a Ruby Hang-out Spot, but I've since developed it into a all purpose Programming Haven. Where we focus on giving Tuts, Snippets and Software to all our users.

Who runs it?
At the moment, we have 3 staff members. All with some experience in programming. There is myself, Wolskie and Extasey on the board. We plan to add more staff as the forums go bigger.

What's so great about it?
We're a software community. Not individual, there's always going to be someone to back you up if you're in trouble with a coding or scripting project.

There is now a 'Subscribers' group, which you can pay $10 AUD to get into. This includes such features as:
  • * Anonymous Reputation Abilities
    * Can download and upload attachments
    * Name displayed in Bold and Orange Coloured
    * Shown on the Forum Team Page
    * The ability to Rate Threads
    * Unlimited Attachment Quota
    * The ability to Change your name and have a Custom user Title
    * Up to 2 reputation points to be given at once
    * Access to the Special Subscribers Areas
    * Absolutely NO ADS around the board
    * An amazing 1600 Personal Messages can be stored
    * The ability to view Invisible Users on the Who's Online page
    * And many more special features!
    * Special Donators Award: [Image: pot-of-gold_24.png]
    * Subscribers Group Image: [Image: team-subscriber.gif]

Here are the links for dotrb, if you're in the mood to check it out.

Main Index:

As the site get's bigger, I'll update this thread to tell you a little more about us.

I'd like some information on what you guys think about the theme / logo and setout. Constructive Criticism helps out when launching a new site, so feel free to drop some. Smile