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Full Version: How to change forum fonts and rating image?
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I can't seem to find where the image of my rating is, I have tried right click etc. Here is the section of the source:
        <!-- start: forumdisplay_threadlist_rating -->
    <td class="tcat" align="center" width="80">
        <span class="smalltext"><strong><a href="forumdisplay.php?fid=69&amp;datecut=0&amp;sortby=rating&amp;order=desc">Rating</a> </strong></span>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="jscripts/rating.js?ver=1400"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            lang.stars = new Array();
            lang.stars[1] = "1 star out of 5";
            lang.stars[2] = "2 stars out of 5";
            lang.stars[3] = "3 stars out of 5";
            lang.stars[4] = "4 stars out of 5";
            lang.stars[5] = "5 stars out of 5";
        // -->

<!-- end: forumdisplay_threadlist_rating -->

Also, where do I change the font of my forum? The current theme I have changed my fonts and it is REALLY annoying fonts. My members are complaining because it hurts there eyes so I must change it FAST. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Change the rating image:
"forum directory/images/star_rating.gif"...
Change the font:
Admin>>Themes and templates>>Themes>>>Theme Name>>Global.css
To change your forum's default font, you have to edit the css.