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Full Version: Register activation wait time
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Oh please Labrocca, I really need this plugin to stop spamming noobs so my idea is, if there was a 4th option for activation: time activation. where you can set an amount of hours they must wait. if I made it like 24 hours then they would have to wait, and in that time, the people who are just here to get a download, will probably leave, and the others will probably start looking around when they are waiting and end up finding interesting sections, which will start to make them more interested in posting. i have thought out all the pros and cons of this and it is an amazing plugin. also, after registering it will say, instead of saying the email thing it will say like you must wait x hours before your account will be activated so in the meantime, please browse other sections the forum. or something. Tongue perfect to filter your members. Smile
thanks Labrocca. Big Grin
I hope this gets developed, I been waiting patiently for a while. Smile
This should not be to hard. I am sure i can plan something for this in the future, maybe 6months?
I'm interestin to same plugin.
Exactly, it really helps prevent spam in a forum. The post count requirement isn't working well at all on my forum. Just leads to MASS spam. Like replies to threads like "BLAH BLAH BLAH SPAMMMMMMMMM!" or "Spamming for post count!! xD" and stuff like that. Sad