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Full Version: Mark forums as read
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Sorry if this has been requested before, but I searched and found nothing.

I just wanted to know if there is a plugin that would allow users to click on the folder icon, for example dot_folder.gif, and this will mark the post as read. As far as I know myBB does not mark the post as read immediately after it is read. It would be great if the plugin could do 2 things:

1 - Mark the post as read right after reading.
2 - Click on the folder icon to mark post as "Read" or "Unread".

For example, on one of my sites you can see how it works.

Why not just view the thread? :\
Would add a lot of extra to the forumdisplay page. You should make this request at MyBB though because it's not something suitable as a plugin.
Ok thank you for your response labrocca. I'll do that.