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I need some money so I can buy adspace so I've decided to sell some banner placements on my forum.

To view forum statistics and see where your banner will be placed visit the site at

The available space is in the "Sponsors, Ranks, and Ratings" section in the footer.

Prices are per month with a maximum of 6 months purchase.

88 x 31 - $3
120 x 65 - $5

I'm not looking to trade affiliate links. Sites must be related to technology, computers, etc. and have a nice looking banner. Payment will be via Paypal.

In the last month we have had 12,646 pageviews so that would be the same number of impressions for a banner in the footer. You can expect much more than that for the next month(s) as I've actively begun promoting the site and stats are increasing every day.

Post any questions so they can be answered for everyone but if you are ready to purchase send me a PM.