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Full Version: Resizer Image
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Hey there! Well I'm looking for a plugin that resizes an image that exceeds the limit. I found one, but it doesn't show the resized image... just a link to the real image.
I mean this plugin
It doesn't work (at least as i want)
So, that i'd like to have is something like this:
[Image: 2ngs8kn.gif]

This is for vbulletin. Just shows the resized image and a yellow box above the image, that indicates the image is resized and for seeing full, just click on it.
So, could someone make it? It'd be so helpful.
Who wants to make it, can use this and modify it to make it work.
(im sorry if you cannot undesrtand me... i think i explained well)
I'm still waiting for this plugin... If someone can make it, please, make it.
I'd like to provide another example (if before I explained it bad).
It'd be something like:
O.o I'd swear there was no plugin for resize image in MyBBoard... well anyway, thank you so much.
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