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Full Version: Selling banner space.
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Almost time to renew domain, and google isn't doing nothing for me. So I am selling ad space.

Forum Footer:
88x31 - 2 dollars. (one month)
120x65 - 4 dollars. (one month)

HomePage Footer:
468x60 - 6 dollars. (one month)

Homepage After every blog post:
468x60 - 8 dollars. (one month)

If you want the banner space on the homepage footer your ad will be where the google one is (i will get rid of google one)

If you want, Forum Footer. Your ad will go where "Our Friends" space is.

I will only place one ad on my forum footer, so once some one buys it then I will not sell another space. This way who ever buys that space, will be the only ad. And it will not make my forum look bad. I might be able to do two on the homepage, but only one on the forum footer.

The ad after blog post will be shown above comments and below the post.



Site stats:

All money will be sent VIA paypal. PM me for paypal account

All prices and banner sizes are negotiable. I know how hard it is sometimes to get money, so if you want to work out another deal just PM me.