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Everyone loves free stuff...right?
The Freebie Forum has listings of free samples that are delivered directly to your home mailbox.
There are no "Sign up for our sponsor program..." or "Complete two silver and one bronze..." listed here!

We have listings for both United States and Canada. (More countries may be added at a later date).
There are also listings for free software and games downloads (no warez please), and "Virtual Freebies" (all you need is a printer)

The site is brand new and I will be spending the next 3 to 4 days trying to add as many listings as possible. I invite anyone interested to stop by and contribute any freebies you have found.

I am also going for a clean, simple approach. Not a lot of extras are added at the moment. The idea is to have a non-intrusive, easy user interface that our members will enjoy.

Before anyone jumps on the free domain, I have chosen this approach until the member base has grown. Once I know that we have some faithful followers, I will be adding a TLD to the site.

So why not stop by and check it out!
As I am a Canadian, I am looking for an American correspondent to help post samples for our American residents. This person must be dedicated and show a great deal of professionalism when dealing with members. Our goal is to provide a since of community among our members.

I have helped admin an extremely successful freebie forum some years ago, and it is something I truly miss. The site is brand new, but will hopefully grow quickly. I just need help from the U.S. side as many webpages are not available to me.

Anyone interested, please reply to this thread or shoot me a pm
Just a little update...
I've added a few features to the forum
You can also follow us on Twitter.

Look for some theme changes in the near future.
We now have a new custom theme and new domain...
Thanks good idea
wow cool website gonna try this out :O