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Full Version: Help with my login page...
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So i recently changed my password in the admin panel, to make my account more secure after a hacking attempt on one of my blogs. Anyway, following this, I was unable to perform a login on my forum page, so i deleted my cookies and temporary internet files on my PC.
Now everytime I go to login, the login screen just loads up the login screen and isn't taking the username and password I enter.
Strangely, I can still access the admin panel, and I created another user just to check it wasn't my account, and the same issue occured.

Anybody able to help me? I do feel a little noobish regarding this, since I've had experience running mybb forums, however, this is the first time I've encountered this. I know it's not my cookie settings, since they haven't changed, and I have no issue logging into my admin panel.

All help is gratefully recieved, and the URL to the forum is