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Full Version: Raffle Contest. Winz money :D
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I'm having a contest on my site as the title says, its a raffle.

Every one's done a raffle before so you know how this goes. But just in case you haven't, I will explain. You have to buy raffle tickets with PH Cash (our forum currency.)
at the end of the contest, February 16 2010, I will draw a persons user name from a hat (unless many people entered then I'll draw it from a barrel Tongue) and that person will be our grand prize winner, I will draw again and that person will be our second place winner, I will draw again and that person will be our third place winner. If the same person is drawn twice then I will discard that ticket and draw again. For example if I draw myself from the hat for grand prize winner, then draw myself again I will only keep the prize of greater value and some one else will get the second place prize.

Well, how do I know you didn't cheat and just picked your favorite member for grand prize winner?
When I draw the tickets for grandprize winner, 2nd place, and 3rd place, I will video tape the whole thing so you can see exactly who's name I drew and there will be no cheating.


I've told you everything EXCEPT the prizes, so lets get to that! I mean thats the best part right?

Grand Prize winner: $10 USD* & 7,000 PH Cash

2nd place winner: 2,000 PH Cash

3rd place winner: A picture of me in a wet T-shirt**, and if you don't like that you can have 1,000 PH Cash. Or both Wink

The contest ends February 16 2010, so hurry up, post, refer, get points and buy raffle tickets!

*You must have paypal to collect the 10 USD.

**You are not allowed to use my picture as a screen saver, text/email to other people, or 'bait to, without my permission

For full rules and contest details you can see my original post here
I have a question... are you a female cause that might affect 3rd prize alot lol Tongue

Joking but good luck with the raffle Smile