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Hello guys. I have a forum called TechnicForums, It's a Mybb 1.4 forum. It's a all in one forum, it has a little bit about computers, life, etc. It is not a hacking forum. I do plan on turning a section of it into a hacking forum once it gets really big. But no time soon. It's just started and here is the specs on it...

Board Statistics
Totals Averages
Posts: 610
Threads: 133
Members: 41 Posts per day: 21.25
Threads per day: 4.63
Members per day: 1.43
Posts per member: 14.88
Replies per thread: 3.59
Newest Member: skeletor
Members who have posted: 58.54%
Today's top poster: Detective RooTz (3 posts)
Most popular forum: The Lounge (119 posts, 15 threads)

As you can see it has some good stuff going on. all that above was created in 3 weeks. Now, before you start flaming let me clear something up.

Board names were told by a friend. He gave me some board names, descriptions etc. all the icons on this website came from the following

Google images
Other sites that give away free icons and icon packs etc.

Some where even taken from my Text based game.

I've installed a few plugins from here. I know I'm not a subscriber but I do have a friend that runs the forum with me that is a subscriber. So he is allowed to have them and this is part his forum so therefore it's legal.

Leave feedback people!!!!
Nice site Big Grin
I dislike the theme Tongue
(Feb 09, 2010, 04:20 PM)88power88 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice site Big Grin
I dislike the theme Tongue

Thanks. I know there is 4 diffrent themes on there. Join and play around and you will see.
What shoutbox is that?
Nice site.. I like the new/old post icons..
(Feb 09, 2010, 10:55 PM)Riverthief Wrote: [ -> ]What shoutbox is that?

Um, I believe it's a plugin. Free at the original website>Mods section.
(Feb 10, 2010, 01:20 AM)MindFreak Wrote: [ -> ]Nice site.. I like the new/old post icons..

Thanks. Some look newer and all glazzy and etc. I love my Linux and window Icon. That's a nice windows icon. All rough looking.