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Full Version: Auto hide?
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I need an autohide feature, and I can't find one... Sad Can you guys help me out? Big Grin
And... can u get explain it better? Cuz I can get nothing... if that you want is to hide of the other members in Who's online, just set it in your User CP.
Well, it would, if set, autohide each players post on a thread when they post. This would be used for our competitions. Lol, I just re-read what I wrote and feel like an idiot. Wink
Basically, for some threads, an option to auto-unapprove threads, although if possible "The contents of this post has been hidden." would be in the messages place for non-staff.
Bump! :O

Too short. Tongue
No one wants to help us?

^^ Bump. . .
If you don't explain it better, no one can help you.
Why not tell people to use spoiler tags?
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