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Full Version: Suggestion: Paypal Subscription
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Today my paypal subscription renewed, and sent you another $5.

This, I'm not upset about - I knew it was a subscription, and $5/year for good plugins is worth is.

However, it took me quite a few minutes of concern before I realised exactly why I had suddenly got a paypal money-sent email. All i could see was that I'd sent money to a guy called Jesse at Multimedia 1.0. This didn't help when I went onto paypal, looked at the payment and saw the customer service url as I saw a big list of websites, and didn't immediately notice myBBCentral as one of them.

I managed to put things together eventually, (I knew this site was run by a jesse, and I did find myBB on after a few seconds), but I was not very far off a payment dispute/password change. I've had my paypal account misused before, and it's not something I really want to deal with again.

After a bit more digging, myBB Central is listed on the paypal subscription page. However, this takes about 10 clicks from logging in to viewing. This is probably a fault of paypal as much as anything.

Would it be possible for you to send an email to my account when you receive payment? A year is a long time, and while I was aware that my subscription would be renewed at some point, it wasn't on my mind when I got an email from paypal today. Receiving an email from myBBCentral at the same time would have given me considerable peace of mind.

Yes I tried to alter the damn name from Multimedia to Witza but it won't allow me. Sorry about that.
is the 10$ i paid for the subscription lifetime or should i renew every year?????
The $10 you paid is lifetime. Originally I had a $5 yearly fee.
ok, thanks labrocca!!!
Now that I've paid you $10, can I have my membership upgraded to a lifetime membership? I don't want to continue paying $5/year if a lifetime membership costs $10...
Yeah I think leor should get a life time Smile