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Full Version: TeamOnyx-Changes
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Ok so there have been errors on my board. This has been going on for a while and I have done everything I can to try adn stop it from going on. What is happening is that anyone can download my plugins except for banned member and guests.

So All my plugins and themes can now be downloaded on my board for free to anyone who registers. All I ask is that some of you give a small donation to support my team and what not. Donations are just that, and optional.

So Thanks to an error y'all get my shit for free.

Your site looks really good. I like your menu bar, now all you need is some more posts.
lolz yeah, i dont mind right now, i mean it would be nice to have a lot of users and stuff. However it would take more time to manage and what not. I just use that site to publish my plugins and themes, i dont expect it to get very popular, unlike my Major-fail site Tongue