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I wanted to ask everyone a question since there is no section for this.

1. My mybb forum (Runelight) is being ddos Sad I can't access it at all but my reseller is still up :s

2. Both of my msn are being freezed. D:

I know who is doing this I am trying to get his IP so I can find him in real life..

Does anyone know how to protect myself agasint msn freezes and site ddosing? :
Just a question. Why would somebody want to ddose your website?
1. It was a scammer I bought a vb license from him for $25 thought nothing to worry about! xD I tried to resell it when I did not want it anymore since I bought it I could legally resell it.

Then he never told me the secuirty code...and he got his vb license and took my $25.. and threaten to ddos me and freeze my msn which he did D:
so what is the problem right now???
I dont see point why someone wanna ddos forum like that. You have just 2 members.
When you try to login in your msn account what it sayed?