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Full Version: Football Furor
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Heres my site, please give some suggestions and feedback.

Nice theme i like it. I think you should get rid of the hoover text underline on the menu tabs.
It's a fantastic design. Congrats.
WOW....IT really rocks...great forum and superb theme...all the best!!
thanks guys.
I have been to your forum once before but I don't think it was from here... but god your theme really impresses me. The whole design is great and graphics are great.
As the others said, that is a pretty sweet theme you've got there! Nice job!
thanks. i have worked a lot to make it organised. but the only thing missing is members.
Don't worry it looks good. Keep doing what your doing it is growing fine imo.
thanks for the motivation. but i dont get new members. all those members are from post exchanges forums. dont really have many active members.
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