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Full Version: Smilies Problem
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So basically when i try to add smiles, they show up when i get to pick which ones to add, but then after i add them the Smilies dont show up
[Image: 123.png]
Are they in the right folder?
Make sure there isn't a leading or trailing / in the path.
Well i have a semi solution worked out atm
So theres the blank space where the smiley should be so i went into edit and the "image path" was /images/smilies/smiley.png
Which was the right patch but for somereason it didnt recognize it
So i just have to type in the full url for the smiley
so is it working now??
If you mass add, don't add a trailing slash. I had this exact problem lol.
me too...!!It took a while for me to figure out lol!!