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Full Version: Need some help with MyBB
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Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to MyBB. I have had my forum up for almost a month now, and I really like the features and look of MyBB.

I do have trouble installing themes and plugins. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I have never been able to to install these myself. I have had several people try to explain the process to me, and read through the wiki's, but to no avail Sad

I need to install some Plugins and a theme change for my forum. If anyone is interested in doing this for me, please let me know through PM or e-mail.

I'm not trying to get an easy way out or anything like that, I just really need help Big Grin

Thanks guys!
I can help you...Check your PM!!
It's not difficult lol. It's just a matter of uploading to the right directory Tongue
Thats what... but she mentioned that she has already gone through many tutorials and stuffs...and still she couldn do it!!....
If you explain the problems you're having in detail, I can help with that.

I know how to manually install plug-ins and themes.