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Full Version: Just subscribed
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How come I havent got it yet?
As I cant find anywhere on how long it will take, I might just ask here.

Actually Labrocca should come online and manually upgrade your primary user group. He might be busy or unavailable at the this moment!! Kindly wait!!
It's like 6:00am where he lives, so you'll have to wait another 6hours or so.
Omg, why the fuck dont he make it freakn automatic.
Yo, no need for that. Just be patient... Or maybe next time subscribe when he's awake !
heh!!...ya...w8 w8...
Yeah right, when he's awake.
That is when some people sleep in some other countries.

Now please stop replying to this thread
Dude there is not need for the bitch fit!
No need for the hostility. There's a very good reason why it isn't automatic anymore. It won't be long till you're upgraded.
It's not automatic because I check all orders for fraud.