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Full Version: Role Play theme
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I want to start a Role Play site.It is about Role Plays.I want as many members as possible.Sooooooo.Mods can help me build it.But I wanna be the mod for my forum.
Could you please explain more? I do not understand.

Are you asking for help with a Role Play theme?
Bwack!Didn't think you'd post so soon!
theres gonna be theese sections
Information Station
Help and Competitions
Role Play
General Role Play
Show Role Plays
Comic Role Plays
Movie Role Plays
Game Role Plays
The Lounge
Character Talk
Off Topic
Sig Shops

The URL will be
????????????????????You there?
I repeat my question.

Are you looking help to make a THEME, or a FORUM?
sounds like a good idea
Well you need hosting to start off with. You can try createmybb site.