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Full Version: Custom field editable by a specific group?
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Hi all, how can I create a custom field editable only by a specific group?

I tried to use the search button but I did not find anything on the forum ...
Yes Yes xD
Hum... certainly, I think there's no plugin yet for that. And if you are looking for a way of doing it without any plugin... I think there's no way.
I managed to do a thing with a custom title ... but I do not know what to do with the custom field :l
There is no method to retrieve a specific field and change it?
Let me explain..example by creating a special page in the user panel (so do) and editing usercp.php as I did for the custom title...
You could but you will need some knowledges about PHP and MyBB structuration.
So you could try to request a plugin to do that you want Wink