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Full Version: Google can still crawl if we disallow guest?
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I have been getting loadz of guests on my forum but very few were converted as members. I think thats because there is no extra previlage that you get if you register apart from replying to thread.

So if i disallow guest access to forums, or just disallow guest after they view 3 posts, would it harm google bot which crawls the forum:? Coz i dont want it to affect my seo.
First of all welcome to the community. I'm amaze of the content of your forum and honestly speaking those are some nice tutorial you got there.

So before I go answering your question lets discuss on "why does people came and just view your content and not became a member?"
I guess this is due to competency on the field you are trying to compete. Well honestly speaking how competence are you to get along with forum such as HackForum, Astalavista, Evilzone and many more hacking forum? They are well establish, they had been there for years and we also learn from them. So I think they just read the tutorial and don't participate on the discussion. I myself experience this on my forum. So I think the best idea how to convert viewer to member is try to use your own language (mother tongue) for tutorial. Less competency.

Well I'm not that good at SEO and I'm still learning them. Its kinda hard to discuss on SEO for forum because you are limited to change the parameter of the meta-tag not like when you are constructing a website. The best I can give you is Labrocca SEO, I don't know if its working or not but it worth a try. For your last question I think it does effect Google bots, because Google bots sometime assign as guest. So when it is block, it cannot reach to your content. I remember Labrocca had written a small info regarding this at his Mapovifog plugin.....

And for better discussion why don't you join Labrocca other forum, Support forum. I think they had a broad discussion on this.
I am glad that you liked the forum. We are in no way trying to compete with other hacking forums that you have described. I am just trying to setup a decent community there.

Anyway heres what happens:
You can change the group of google. Admin panel->configuration->spiders->google bot->edit->set the usergroup.

So if you change the user group of bots and then disallow guests, then google crawler would be as good as before.
If you join and post at Support Forums I'll help you further on forum SEO.