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Hey guys, I just wanted to see how you guys liked my site. Um, I have another site but since its not hosted by site frost I couldn't post it xP

If this site does good and a lot of people like it I will buy a domain name, but since this is the first time I have done a website like this and I haven't seen to many of these kinds of sites (except for phpBB3) I didn't really want to buy a domain first off.

But I would like to introduce to you, MyCode Corner!

MyCode corner offers all different types of MyCodes for your MyBB forum. We are currently working on it (adding plugins and such) but I posted all the MyCodes I have made so far and the theme looks good so I thought I would share it with you guys. But yea, like I was saying. MyCodes Corner offers all kinds of MyCodes to make your MyBB 100% better, from simple MyCodes like HighLight, to more advanced MyCodes like MyCursor.

We even have a demo site

All the MyCodes we offer are FREE, but if you want to help out the site by donating and helping us get a domain name, that would be appreciated.

So yea, please come check us out at

All comments, ideas, suggesstions are WELCOME. I love to take in ideas to make my site better Big Grin

Almost forgot,

We are looking right now for Mods, Super Mods, MyCode Devs, and Graphic pplz