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Full Version: [Solved] RSS to post and images
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Hi. i impost feed to my forum with rss to post. I am trying also with wordbb.

result: test is ok. but images ? no good. post is like

<img src="" alt="" />

how to make this to be seen as image without intervention ? is hard to edit all of them. [img]etc...[/img]

thank you for help.

edit: solved. used the plugin: HTML Permissions , by uid. Smile may i ask? can be done otherwise from admin or something ?
i made a bot user for rss2post and granted the bot html permissions, works since ages for me
i used "HTML Permissions" plugin and added permission to rss2post user. how did you granted the bot html permissions ?
same plugin xD
i don't know what happened but since a few days my rrs to post is not working anymore. any ideea why ? i tried also to use wordbb but it do not work either, and at beggining it worked. other url feeds not working too.

Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 04:15:46 +0000
Forum ID: 83
User ID: 4
Strip HTML: 0
There was a problem accessing the URL.
Either the server is offline, or your server has
allow_url_fopen disabled. Please see:
and contact your host to resolve this issue."

allow_url_fopen was ON. i remember clicking a few days ago proceed in Enable Quotas (Main >> Server Configuration >> Initial Quota Setup) maybe is from there ? how would i fix that rss to post or wordbb to work?