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Full Version: Dice Rolling Plugin
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Now I know that Labrocca already has a dice rolling plugin, however I am looking for a modified one. Having asked Labrocca and been advised he is too busy I thought I would ask if someone can create / modify one for me.

I would like to note I would pay a reasonable fee for this. If you would do discuss this please send me an email at mrandmrsgoth[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot[uk]

Basically I want it to work like the current plugin but with the following differences:

When you click the option to roll the dice, and then click post, either a popup or divert to a new page with the following options:

Roll How Many Dice - The user can enter a figure in here. There should be an option to cap this limit in the Admin CP configuration.
Separately or Combined - Basically this means the rolled values being added together, or are the dice rolls all individual.
Roll Required - For this value a user can enter a number followed by a + or a - to represent whether the value is under or over. For example entering 4+ would mean that rolls of 4 or more are required. 4- would mean that a roll of 4 or less is required.

Once these are entered the person can then carry on, and the dice appear in the postbit as per Labroccas (so they can't be edited). The dice that pass the specified the roll have their dots in green. Those that fail have their dots in red.

Finally in the actual thread a summary is made, something like:

15 dice are rolled (separately), 4 or more is required:
6 pass
9 fail


3 dice are rolled (combined) 12 or more is required:
6+6+1 = 13 Pass

I know this may sounds complicated for something so simple, but for what it is planned to be used for it would be well worth it.

So if someone wants to do it please let me know.
Bump! Does no one want to money for a nice easy plugin? I can pay via Paypal for a nice and simple payment.
It's not "easy" money. Writing plugins is time consuming and requires certain knowledge.
Ok, well fair enough it may not be that easy, but I was working on the assumption there is an existing plugin to work from. I do understand it takes time and effort, hence my offer to pay someone to do it.