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Full Version: Help me to get a domain (2 clicks to help!)
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Hello MyBB Members.

I am a old user of TK domain services, His recently Program Ambassador, let you invite users to use the system and in exchange you can get free stuff as stickers, t-shirts, pins, etc etc

There is a prize that i can exchange who allows me to register 1 of the free domains as mine (ownership for 2 years)

i have a blog about music games and stuff (it skin is horrible and i am going to update it soon)

I was wondering if you could help me to get those Points and get my domain:

there are 2 ways of help

1. Enter and read the TK IT TOOL Topic, press the banner and download the tool (no install required)
For those who don't know
TK IT it's a tool that integrates to your web explorer and allows to make quick domains or short links, but as i said before, there is no need to install to give me the points.

[Image: tkit.jpg]

I will get 5 points for each download you make (only 1 per computer/ip)

2. Enter
and click this banner

[Image: guidei.jpg]
Once you do it, create an account then set a free domain
This will give me 1 point, so i ask you please, to download the tool

I need 75 points and i already have 10.

So if 13 members here in mybboard, press the tkit banner and download the tool
i will be really appreciated

I can offer file and host (1 database) in my forum (no ftp, no sql admin access for security), also advertise in my website (50-100 visits daily)
or Points at mybbsource..

I hope you help me guys

this is NOT SPAM (<_< so do not look me bad if i put it in other mybb dev forums)

Thanks in advance.
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Just get a job its much faster
Why don't you use to get a domain..?
(Mar 11, 2010, 01:38 PM)kdog2fast Wrote: [ -> ]Just get a job its much faster

Thanks for your useless comment
(Mar 11, 2010, 02:58 PM)Dead Soulâ„¢ Wrote: [ -> ]Why don't you use to get a domain..?

beacuse Co.Nr is really ankward and bad sounding (at least for me)
and I still think paying for subdomains is retarded
Thanks for the suggestion anyway

i got 18 points
please ^^ help me with those 2 clicks (downloading tk it tool)
you can get
(Mar 12, 2010, 03:32 AM)pilipino Wrote: [ -> ]you can get

i don't like