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Hi, I'm Betsy or, as I'm more commonly seen online, LadyUnicornEJG. I'm 21 years old and I've been on computer since before I was 2. I have a decent idea what I'm doing with most things, but admittedly compared to a lot of people I don't have a clue about anything. I currently have MyBB forums installed at Http:// and but they are both fairly dead (feel free to help with that if you wish; but please make any suggestions or criticism kindly) at the moment and the latter hasn't even had a default theme set. Though I own both domains (and which catches a lot of random stuff of mine), I do not run either alone. On HTL I have the help of another administrator with access to pretty much everything. On Anime Forums I own the domain and install/update/modify things, but it is really essentially run by a friend of mine. While I don't happen to need anything specific right this second, I was registered and subscribed once before and I plan on subscribing again (as soon as I can work out some details of how I'm going to do that).

Setting tech-stuff aside for a moment, I am also an animal lover and a nature lover. I currently exist out in the middle of nowhere on a farm, which does have the advantage of having beautiful scenery nearby. We also have a very loving black lab mix, five interesting cats, and five birds inside the house.

On to more personally things. Of the pets, only one of the cats is "mine." She's my baby...and she's helped me a lot. =) I could say plenty more about myself/my life (pages and pages, honestly), but much of it I don't like to randomly post some of it anywhere I don't know at least 1% of the member base already. If you're interested - ask. I'll probably answer, though, so don't ask if you don't want to know. Tongue